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Photo curtesy Joan Hawkins Gowla Stud 


 I didn't realise until I had mini's myself, how hard it is to get a good fitting rug. I tried umpteen rugs from various companies both here and in the UK and they were either too deep, so that they were down to the floor and the ponies tripped over them or the necks were huge and the ponies could actually walk out of the rug altogether!!! Some never met across the chest so were drafty and impractical, too short in the back, too long...the list was endless.

It was then I decided to make them I measured my mini's and set to work. When friends saw the rugs they were curious as to where I got them as they had similar tales of woe.

Now I offer a "made to measure" rug, albeit fleece for show, travel, stable etc.  Also lightweight outdoor rugs, though colours for these are limited.

You can see an example of one of the lightweight outdoor rugs on Ujenik Extasy Picasso in his profile photo.

If you are interested in one of the rugs, please contact me and I will explain how to measure up your pony to ensure a snug fit.

***The above picture shows some fashion conscious ladies belonging to Joan Hawkins from Gowla Miniature Stud show team sporting their new fleeces.***

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Photo curtesy Martina Colton


Tonnaghs Oreo in Ebony & Ivory

Showing off his new out door rug!

Photo curtesy Jo Scutt.

These rugs start at €45

Little Rosy has no worries about the wet Irish weather in her new rug!

Photo curtesy of Michelle Ruske

Rocco sporting his new camo fleece!

Photo curtesy of Laura Costello

 New Born Foal Fleece




New Born "Baby Bunting" Fleece Foal Rugs.

Keep you new mini foal warm and snug with one of these easily fitted fleece rugs especially designed by myself just for the wee ones!

Generous leg holes for comfort and freedom of movement with velcro tabs along the back allowing easy fitting and removal.

The way these are designed means they are suitable for colts and fillies alike...other colours available.

 Great value at only €15 each plus p & p.




Navy Fleece with Yellow / Gold Trim.

This fleece has a wrap around velcro front so it can be adjusted for a comfy and secure fit, allowing it to adjust between 22-24 inchs in length approximately. As you see it has a single surcingle and instead of the usual string fillet it has an inch wide fillet band that is fully adjustable with a slider for greater security for your wee one.

€25 plus p+p.

 Other colours available.



The above 2 are pull over the head fleeces lined with extra thick Sherpa fleece to keep your baby mini warm and cosy. Complete with a wrap around velcro belly band for complete security and comfort.

€25 each plus p+p.

 Mini Foal Rug

This lovely wee rug has a checked wool outer and is lined with a medium weight navy Polycotton.

As you can see it has velcro tab across the chest and a velcro belly allowing  fully adjustable comfort for your baby!

€25 plus p+p


Above is a "one off" Ultra Heavy Mini Rug.

This time to suit a 3.3".

It's outer is a waterproof shell with the filling none less than a 13.5 tog duvet, nothing but the best for your mini!

Finally it is lined with warm soft fleece. As you can see it is a pull over the head for a snug fit complete with a wide belly band to keep you minis tummy warm in the coldest of winters. It is fully machine washable on a cool wash and had heavy duty plastic buckles so they will never tarnish.

You will never find another like this and all for €100!!!

Plus p+p


Above are some examples of fleece rugs.

Unlined mini fleece from €35

Lined mini fleece from €45.

Plus p+p


***Please note, I only make rugs for mini's.***





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